My Introduction

Greetings crypto denizens!

I’m Lee but on here you’ll see me around as Bogglemcgee. I’ve been in the crypto space since early 2018 and over that journey I’ve come to a great understanding of all the bright and shiny traps to look out for in this fledgling marketplace. How? I hear you ask dear reader. Because I have broken spirit and ego in just about all of them and I’m still here being a stubborn sucker for punishment. I joke… well at least half of it is. 

I have an adventurous, risk taking personality and I am willing to put my money where my mouth is while expeditioning. A part of this adventurousness also comes from an impatience to see more success (I’ll touch on this later). This is not something that has not worked out well, overall, and is something I need to get under control if I want success in most aspects of life let alone trading/investing. But I have learned a great deal on the way, like I’m still a long way from financial independence. Or another way to look at it – still striving. 

My journeys have included, but not limited to, joining a pump and dump group, trade bots, sketchy exchanges (even Cryptopia), mining shitcoins with a shit computer, ‘fair’ blockchain based gambling sites, and many more you’ll come to know when those stories surface. 

The purpose for this blog is to show how easy the market - whatever the market looks like – will take what you wave in front of it, and it won’t even take you to dinner first. I aim to give some context on how easily things you take time to build can be torn down by the seductions of blockchain snake oil peddlars and a fool’s want for wealth. 

I am sure there are others out there who are as impatient as I have been… who am I kidding, still am. I mentioned ‘more success’ earlier and what I meant by that is a view to the next success rather than relishing the current one. I may have had a trade that gave me 50% return and have been happy. Then I turn into Captain One-Up-Manship on myself and think let’s double the risk and go harder next time… oh shit, let’s add to the position… oh this is the actual resistance, we’re safe to double the risk to make up… oh crap I’m loads down, let’s just leave it overnight surely it’s just a cool off… buzz buzz liquidation emails!!! 

Been here and it hurts, still. 

Savour the wins and don’t let them turn into a benchmark for the next position. 

My aim is to help others that have similar struggles to what I do. I only lost a few grand across all these different ‘schemes’, and I don’t feel (insert hesitant voice) too bad about is as they are lessons and sometimes you have to pay a decent fee for decent lessons. Even if those lessens would have had 8x gains this year if I had just been a HODLer. 

Let my loss be your gain, my lessons be your successes. Everywhere you look there will be stories on the great gains made from this great new coin revolutionising the toilet paper industry or the great traders who can tell you NEO is going to $400. People rarely want to tell you how they fucked up but I have no fear on bruising my ego in that regard. If Bitcoin was Jackass, I’d be Steve-o.